Herbal Offerings

Herbal Offerings

Price per ounce. Not sold for the purpose of consumption. Moon & Horn not resposible if product is consumed.


Featured Offering

Bay Leaf: Bay leaves can be used to asperge a space, object or person in preparation or as part of any ritual, a branch of many leaves may be used in a group situation.Bay leaves may be added to any spell or potion designed to enhance psychic ability and is a great addition to a psychic dream pillow.Laurel wreaths may be worn by healers during healing ceremonies and while treating the sick in order to increase the positive healing energy and protect against negative energy that may be hanging around the sick room. Bay leaf can also be burned in the sick room after the illness has passed to purify it and drive out any residual sickness vibes.Bay leaf is exceptionally useful as a fumigant during banishing and exorcism rites, especially those involving poltergeists. Mixed with sandlewood, it is useful for breaking curses.When you finally get rid of that roommate, ex-spouse or family member who you thought would never leave, sweep their footsteps out the door with a broom and then fumigate the house with bay to ensure they won’t return. Even if you aren’t really happy about them going, if you know it’s best for everyone, cleanse the home of their presence for closure.Bay laurel may be carried to protect against any number of misfortunes and to bring luck in athletic competitions.To ensure that you will see your lover again, and neither of you will be tempted to infidelity, go together to a bay laurel tree and pluck a leaf, break it in half and each keep one half.It is said that if you write a wish on a dried bay leaf and then burn it and your wish will come true.

  • No return on Herbal Purchases.

    Each item in this section is to be researched prior to purchase. Will not accept returns on herbs. 


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